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We are specialised in creating wireless network and connecting HD IP CCTV over Wireless Network.  Video Quality, performance of these HD IP CCTV over wireless technology helped us to satisfy our customers impossible requirements. Few of our Customer's multiple offices, factory locations we had connected without wire / Internet. And the same wireless network being used for centralisation of CCTV , PC Network.

On Line Directory Services accross all districts of Maharashtra

Our Key Case Study Wireless CCTV Project

SAKET COMPLEX ,Thane is one of the big residential complex having 24 buildings. IP HD CCTV is installed for each building and other open areas, security gate, etc. We had created wireless network to connect all this camera's means no wires running in between the buildings and has one single wire at the central station where recording is in place.

SAMNA PARIVAR, Dindoshi - Samna Parivar also has 3 buildings in their premises and we had implemented IP HD CCTV over wireless network (no wires in between the buildings).

 Adhiraj Builders, Taloja - Entire site (aprox 50+ akers) implemented with IP HD CCTV and connected over wireless network (considering the area and distance between the camera's and Recording unit it was difficult to laying cables was not feasible with respect to cost, manpower, time line and maintainance. But using our concept of WIRELESS NETWORK it was become so easy that the entire installation took just 2 days time.